Mental Wellness of Families of Essential Employees

The Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona’s Services for Vulnerable Populations presents a virtual three-part learning series.

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Supporting the Mental Wellness of Families of Essential Employees Exploring Resiliency & Stress Reduction

Essential employees are holding together the fabric of our society right now.  From truck drivers to store clerks, medical professionals, to first responders, our communities would come to a grinding halt without them.   Their commitment to their work keeps us safe, fed, and with needed supplies. They are the heroes of the frontline.  But how are the family members that they leave behind coping with the uncertainty of their loved one’s health and safety?  This is an unprecedented time of anxiety and tension for everyone.  Know the signs of extreme stress in the essential employees in our lives, among their family members and in ourselves.   Learn what to say and do to encourage an environment of healing, comfort and resilience during these times.

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