PART 2—Mental Wellness of Families of Essential Employees


​Family Mindfulness Practices for Essential Employees

Join us as we look at the impact of stress on the entire body as well as the importance of sleep hygiene, nutrition, and exercise as a family.  How can families under extreme stress support each other’s physical and mental wellbeing? What are the signs of extreme stress?

Meet — Julie Rake, MSPAS-PAC

Meet — Julie Rake, MSPAS-PAC

Julie Rake, MSPAS-PAC, began practicing family medicine as a PA in 2003 and specialized in primary care and women’s health.  After practicing medicine for over decade, she began seeking avenues to advance her capacity to help patients heal.  She completed the Integrative Medicine Fellowship at the University of Arizona under the tutelage of Integrative Medicine leader Dr. Andrew Weil and graduated in 2015.  Julie currently practices Integrative Mental Health at AZ Integrative Medicine & Spa. She offers consultations, facilitates group visits and provides meditation classes. 

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