Survivor Virtual Art Exhibit

The Creative Brain

We are excited to bring you the work of over 40 artists. Each person with a piece in this show is a survivor of an acquired brain injury; an injury to the brain that occurs after birth and is not congenital or degenerative.

Some were artists prior to their injury, but many others discovered art after as part of their recovery or simply a shift in life priorities.

We invite you to explore all the wings of our Galleries. We welcome you sharing our website’s page on social media and inviting your friends to view these wonderful pieces!

Do you have artistic aspirations? Check out our “Submissions” page!

Meet the Curator

As a survivor of brain injury, I have embraced my experience, speaking about my journey after brain injury and the role that creativity and art has played in my life. In working for years with many other brain injury survivors, I know the talent that exists within the brain injury community.

I am honored to present our curated collection of artworks created solely by Arizona survivors of brain injury.

I invite you to be my guest and enjoy this amazing exhibit, celebrating the survivors the have incorporated art into their lives and are working hard every day to live well after brain injury.

Laura Johnson
Survivor Engagement



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Spotlight Artists

“Managing the Unimaginable”
“Grass Dance Regalia”


These images are the work of human beings and are not available for general use or reproduction without expressed permission from the artist.

If you are interested in using a piece in some way, please contact the Brain Injury Alliance at or call at 888-500-9165 with the title and artist’s name and your request for usage.

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