The Noggin Volume 7 Issue 2

We are honored to bring you this special stroke edition of The Noggin. With each issue, the stories you share through us help bond a diverse, dynamic community that educates, informs, and inspires.

The Noggin Volume 7 Issue 1

We hope these stories, journal pages, recipes, word searches, and more, made by caregivers for caregivers, will help fill your cup on the good days, hard days, and everything in between.

The Noggin Volume 6 Issue 4

Neuroplasticity, the brain’s capacity to rewire itself in response to change, means months or even years after injury, the brain can reroute synaptic connections to improve its function.

The Noggin Volume 6 Issue 2

For this issue, we wanted to focus on something that unites and excites us— sports and athletics. We’re hoping to hit a home run with stories about striking a (yoga) pose, duathlon training, and exploring disability-friendly, adaptable options for fandom and physical fitness!

The Noggin Volume 6 Issue 1

This issue is really for the kids and is all about fun and games. Our cover story is about an incredible group of people redefining the meaning of family. You’ll also meet a remarkable woman who’s on a mission to keep children and adults with cognitive issues moving and grooving.

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