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Professionals who specialize in services to those with brain injury can apply to be part of our Resource Facilitation Database.

The Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona is a statewide organization committed to creating a better future through brain injury prevention, advocacy, and education. We support, connect, and empower survivors of brain injury and their caregivers on their journey to recovery. Our work began as a grassroots effort and has grown to a strong statewide presence for survivors and the professionals who work with them.

We follow five pillars in our work – support, educate, advocate, prevent and inspire. Thank you for your interest in supporting our work.

The Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona reserves the right to edit information for clarity, brevity and content and to publish this information in a variety of media, subject to confidentiality issues.

The Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona provides a variety of resource information to people who inquire. We do not recommend or endorse any particular organization or individual and are not liable for services rendered.

Qualifications:  To be part of our vetted neuro database, applicants must have 2 years of experience in the field of brain injury and have been in business for at least one year.  There may be other individual and organizational requirements for licensing and certification depending on the services provided.

When listing in our directory it’s implied you provide all or some neuro-specific services and staff  has basic brain injury awareness (exceptions may apply including, government agencies or services for basic needs).  Because of this expectation we recommend staff be offered brain injury training when they begin employment.  Please keep up to date on offered courses and trainings from the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona.



Check the category OR categories that represents your specialty.

Upload additional published information here. PDF, DOC, DOCX files only



List the person responsible for updating your agency’s information.

Resource Listings information must be updated yearly.
  • Initially, you’ll receive an email with your password/username to access your listing and a request to respond within one week.
  • If we don’t receive an update submitted, a 2nd reminder is sent.
  • When there’s no response after the 2nd email, a 3rd and final notice is sent stating your resource listing is being removed and to contact the BIAAZ Operations Coordinator.
  • Another resource orientation will be required to be re-instated on the directory.

The Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona does not charge a fee to be listed in the Resource Directory or to those requesting referrals. In order to continue to offer thousands of complimentary referrals every year, we rely on our professional members to support our work through corporate memberships and event sponsorships.

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