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A new year brings with it the promise of possibilities. To ring in 2023, who better to offer inspiration for looking to the future with hope than a member of our brain injury community? In reading the following poem, allow yourself to envision a world where kindness is the first and best option when we interact with each other, and where our choices hold meaning and change.

May this year find your imagination running wild with all the incredible ways you can find your joy and share it abundantly with others.

Can You Imagine

by Robbin T. Hartridge

When we have arrived at the doorstep
of humanity’s dark night
we must remember more than anything
how on effervescent wings
love can beam light into the darkest corner
that has lingered too long in murky shadows
to be rescued from itself.

And yet…

On any given day
we can choose to manifest
something original
and bright, hopeful
more magnificent than anything
we have ever seen.

Can you imagine what would happen
if every benevolent, sparkling gesture
helped to map and scribe
a new constellation
across the skies of our hearts,
illuminating a galaxy
we never saw before?

Let us dream together,
bless this precious world we call home
with the most simple acts of loving kindness,
and run with the stars
until we find our way again.

Robbin is a family member to survivors of brain injuries.
She calls beautiful Sedona home.


The Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona (BIAAZ) is the only statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of adults and children with all types of brain injuries through prevention, advocacy, awareness and education. BIAAZ also houses the Arizona Brain Health Resource Center, a collection of educational information and neuro-specific resources for brain injury survivors, caregivers, family members and professionals.

What began in 1983 as a grassroots effort has grown into a strong statewide presence, providing valuable life-long resources and community support for individuals with all types of brain trauma at no charge.

The Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona:

  • Works with Congressional Brain Injury Task Force
  • Houses Arizona Brain Health Resource Center
  • Hosts virtual and in-person support groups for survivors and families
  • Has Statewide Opioid Use Disorder & Cognitive Impairment Response team with peer support, training, and family wraparound services
  • Facilitates Brain Health Advisory Council
  • Manages statewide Help Line: 888-500-9165

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