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Rays of Hope Survivor and Family Conference

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SPECIAL FEATURE: Rays of Hope to showcase the beautiful power of Unmasking!


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Rays of Hope
Survivor & Family Conference

May 25th | 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

SESSION 1: 10:00 AM to NOON
SESSION 2: 2:00 PM TO 4:00 PM


(2 hour break between morning and afternoon)



10:00 AM — Keynote

Weasilience:  Handling Life’s Wild Moments – Carole Starr

A humorous and inspirational presentation about developing resilience after adversity. Using lessons learned from her 21-year brain injury journey and insights from research, Carole Starr will share strategies to increase resilience for brain injury survivors, caregivers and professionals. There’s a funny story behind the unusual title of this speech, one that you won’t want to miss!

Meet Carole Starr

Before her brain injury, Carole Starr was self-employed as a corporate trainer. She was also a classical violinist and singer. In 1999, while in her home state of Maine, Carole was broadsided on the driver’s side by a vehicle going 50 mph, resulting in a brain injury. Carole was unable to return to work or music and still lives with daily brain injury symptoms. One small step at a time, she’s reinvented herself. Carole is now a national keynote speaker, the author of the award-winning book To Root & To Rise: Accepting Brain Injury and the founder/facilitator of Brain Injury Voices, a nationally recognized survivor volunteer group.

11:00 AM

Honor Your Feelings & Get The Most Out of Your Memory During COVID-19 – Dr. Sherrie All

This pandemic year has marked by incredible challenges and has been a time of intense emotions and considerable stress. Join Dr. Sherrie All, a licensed clinical rehabilitation neuropsychologist and brain health expert, as she helps you better understand your feelings from grief to joy while also providing best practices for boosting your daily memory performance during this challenging time and beyond.

Meet Dr. Sherrie All

Dr. Sherrie All is passionate about empowering people to use their brains brilliantly to live better, lead better and love better. She is an international keynote speaker, writer, licensed clinical neuro-rehabilitation psychologist, brain health expert and the owner and director of the Chicago Center for Cognitive Wellness. Her book The Neuroscience of Memory: Seven Skills to Optimize Your Brain Power, Improve Memory, and Stay Sharp at Any Age is the first in a series of neuroscience books that inspire purpose, leadership and spectacular living.

2:00 PM

Unmasking Virtual Gallery

BIAAZ’s Unmasking Project over the past few years garnered over 400 masks. Laura Johnson, Survivor Engagement Coordinator, has worked to create a virtual gallery where they will be available year-round in addition to our in-person exhibits around the state.


Unmasking Support Donation

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Donation Total: $20.00

2:30 PM

Communicating in the New Normal – Abby & TC Maslin

We’ll talk about communication with each other through aphasia and also with people outside the TBI community, helping them to understand our journey.

Meet Abby and TC Maslin

A brutal robbery left TC Maslin with a traumatic brain injury at age 29. The experience was an emotional hell for his wife and devoted caregiver Abby. After years of healing, they want others to know there’s hope for survivors of brain injuries.




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