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Mobilizing to Support BI Survivors During COVID-19


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Mobilizing Human Services for Survivors of Brain Injury During COVID-19

Wednesday, September 15, 9:30am (AZ/PST)


National Adaption of Brain Injury Programs:
An 18 Month Lookback on Successes & Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted human services programs across the country, changing the way they deliver and design services. For survivors of brain injury, there have undoubtedly been some silver linings as well as new barriers to accessing healthcare, support, and community programing. Join us for a big picture look at how some agencies tackled service delivery in the disability population during some very uncertain and challenging times.


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Ali Martin

Neuro Resource Facilitator
BIA Iowa

Ali obtained her Bachelors in Psychology and is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist with 5 years of experience in non-profit mental health and substance use disorder work. She focuses on the intersection of these multi-occurring conditions with brain injury.

Becca Zarembis

Resource Facilitator
BIA Minnesota

Becca graduated from Hamline University with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health Sciences. She and her colleagues collaborate on conducting a comprehensive support system for individuals who are affected by brain injuries. Inspired by survivors’ stories, she enjoys helping others reintegrate into the community and connect with additional support after their injury.

Danielle Pagani

Community Outreach Specialist
BIA New Jersey

Danielle Pagani works as an educator throughout the state presenting workshops on introduction to brain injury, concussion, falls prevention, and more. She is a Certified Health Education Specialist and has a master’s degree in Public Health.

Suzette Hart

Marketing & Development Manager
BIA Washington

Suzette Hart joined the BIAWA team in January 2020 and has focused on developing and strengthening community partnerships, growing the organization’s development programs, strategies and communications. Suzette has strong connections to the brain injury community, including a sister who has lived with a severe TBI for over 30 years after a vehicle accident, a sister who experienced career-ending aneurisms, and a father who died of a massive stroke. Suzette has worked in nonprofit development & communications for fourteen years and previously in public parks & recreation administration for thirteen years.

Will Grove

Resource Facilitation
BIA Arizona

Will brings an extensive background in behavioral health to the Resource Facilitation, including stints at Child and Family Support Services and Touchstone Behavioral Health. He now serves as a primary point of contact for survivors and families, connecting them to the resources and support they need in the community. He also leads several support groups for survivors. Will is very active in his role as Chair of the Public Policy Committee, promoting public policies that benefit Arizona’s brain injury community.




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