Survivor Virtual Art Exhibit

The Creative Brain Continues



You must complete a separate submission form for each piece of artwork you are entering.

Submissions will be accepted and reviewed on a continual basis.

Please enter as you would like your name to appear in the exhibit.

REQUIRED: used only to follow-up with the artist — this information is NOT published, nor available publicly.

If you would like a picture of yourself to appear with the exhibit, you can upload it here.

About Your Exhibit

If there is no title, enter "UNTITLED"

What does this piece of art mean to you? How did you use the medium (paint/clay/pencil etc.) to create it? What excited you about this piece so that you wanted to share it with the world?


We will have a professional videographer film several artists for "spotlight" videos to help in promotion and to appear with the artist's work in the gallery. Would you be willing to do this?

NOTE: Your response of 'yes' or 'no' does not affect your piece's approval to be in show either way


Upload a high resolution picture of your art piece (jpg only, 3MB max per photo). If you have a digital camera great, but if you're using a cellphone, here is a video tutorial with tips for photographing artwork specifically with a cell phone or tablet/laptop from an art teacher.

**Don't worry about the editing stuff she says at the end, unless you feel comfortable with such software. BIAAZ can work with your upload to edit if it needs it**

  • you can email them to:
  • make sure you include the title of the exhibit in the subject of your email

Artist Bio

Please indicate if this is a new / first submission or if you have previously submitted your 2022 bio information

We will check our files to make sure that we have your new or updated 2022 bio on file. If not, we will contact you by email for next steps. Thank you!

Type of Brain Injury

Where are you from? How long have you been making art? What are other projects you are working on or hope to complete someday? etc.

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