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What You Need to Know About Brain Health

Neurological complications occur in at least one third of patients with acute COVID-19.

Recent clinical investigations have confirmed that brain injury can be due to brain infection, abnormal immune response and lack of oxygen and blood to the brain.

We need to be aware COVID-19 can lead to long term neurological complications months or years after recovery.

Trauma, particularly, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), is the leading cause of death and disability in children… more so than all other diseases combined. It’s five times that of the next most common cause of death in children, Leukemia.

Studies have shown that neurological symptoms can include weakness, pain, and loss of taste and smell whereas strokes, encephalitis and demyelination may occur in later stages.

Only 10% of U.S. Population is considered health literate. Basic health literacy is when someone is able to know what their doctor is talking about, can navigate the healthcare system, and find the resources they need. This is the primary service offered for free to Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona clients.

When children survive a TBI, they are often left with permanent neurological deficits. Even if they have a mild TBI (concussion), upwards of 15-50% will be left with permanent deficits.

When you are a child, a TBI can permanently arrest the development of functions that haven’t formed yet. For example, if you haven’t developed depth perception yet and a TBI damages that area of the brain, you will never be able to develop it, because you have never made those critical steps to develop the appropriate step wise connections necessary to achieve that function.